New blog… Please, please, please follow me there!!!!

Hi everyone. This will be the last ever post on this site. I have now finished building my new blog. I’d love to post the URL here, but obviously that would kind of defeat the object! 😛 If you want the link to my new blog, and I really hope you do, then please email me at and I’ll happily give you it.

I’ll really miss this blog, and hope I don’t lose too many of you in the transfer.

Thanks everyone



One response to “New blog… Please, please, please follow me there!!!!

  1. So sorry to see you’ve run into such trouble! We’re putting up links at Pinterest for all the blogs that have participated in the Unschooling Blog Carnival, and I was going to link to the post you wrote for February’s carnival. If you’d like to share the link, I’d be happy to add it. If not, thanks for participating and I wish you and Poppy Christine well! If yes, email me at

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